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Yousician is an app to learn how to play the guitar, bass, or ukelele using just your Android. I mean, obviously you'll also need the musical instrument you want to learn how to play – it's hard to learn how to play the guitar if you don't have a guitar.

Keep in mind that Yousician isn't a game, even though it might look like one in all the screenshots below. Yousician can actually teach you how to play an instrument. Its practice mode lets you choose different songs and learn how to play them. And the app uses your Android's microphone to see if you're doing it well or not.

Yousician is mainly geared toward musicians who've just started playing their instruments. That said, the app can provide help for any skill level, meaning this tool may be useful both for beginners and musicians who've been playing for several years.

Yousician is a good musical education app that can help many users learn how to play a musical instrument. The app also contains many video tutorials where professional musicians offer interesting advice.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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